Powerade Marakele Marathon

Fundraising at the Powerade Marakele Marathon

The Foundation would like to thank Bernadette Wagenhauser, Beverley Buchholz and Maliza van Coller who ran the Powerade Marakele Marathon on 3 March 2024 and raised more than R10000.00 amongst them in aid of AngelM!!

Bernadette Wagenhauser

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects the lives of so many, young and old. Having lost my mom to cancer and knowing many people who are suffering with the disease, it is amazing to know that there is a way that we can try to eliminate the suffering caused, by getting genetic testing done, to see if you have a possibility of being diagnosed with the disease. Marlene was a true fighter and such a charismatic person who lived and supported everyone around her. Help me make a tiny difference by raising funds to create even more awareness for a disease that can shatter lives.

Beverly Buchholz

Being a family friend of Marlene van Staden and a co worker and friend of her sister has encouraged me to help this foundation to spread the news and information about genetic testing for breast cancer. I believe if more people are aware of their genetics we can have more previvors of breasts cancer. Previvor is a term that should be used more than survivor because if we know that we have a gene and that we could get breast cancer why would we wait and see what happens if we can act now and help determine our outcome.

Please support me to raise funds through running for this cause and lets help woman act now before getting breast cancer.

Maliza Van Coller

Lets help woman be PREVIVORS of breast cancer.
The aim is to create awareness about genetic testing for prevention of breast cancer. Women who tests positive for the BRCA gene have a 85% chance of getting breast cancer but by taking the correct precautions can save lives
Marlene van Staden Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation is a organization that wants to create awareness about the benefits of genetic testing as well as to provide support, education, and resources to those affected.
By donating to this project, you can make a change in someone’s life and a difference in the lives of those battling with breast cancer.
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